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Celebration & Gratitude

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Shifting Shorelines, Terry Helwig, Sue Monk Kidd, Mary Alice Monroe
In Celebration of Shifting Shorelines: Messages from a Wiser Self

Flood tides are small epiphanies, treasured moments of well-being that swell the heart with love and gratitude. The release of my new book SHIFTING SHORELINES has been a week of flood tides! I am humbled by the outpouring of support, goodwill, and excitement from so many individuals. For this reason, I am sharing links to many of the podcasts, articles, reviews, and mentions surrounding the launch.


~~~Finding Solace and Connection in Nature and Our Tribe

Guest Terry Helwig with host Seline Shenoy

~~~Putting Loving-Kindness into Action

Guest Terry Helwig with host Zach Beach

~~~The Book of SHIFTING SHORELINES and the Shifting Shorelines of Life

Guest Terry Helwig with Read Between the Lines host Molly Southgate

~~Discussing SHIFTING SHORELINES and Writing

Guest Terry Helwig with PRose’s Vikki Locke & Cyndee Woolley

~~~Terry Helwig Spills

Guest Terry Helwig with Kindred Spirits: An Enneagram


~~~Women Writers, Women’s Books

Why I Wrote Shifting Shorelines by Terry Helwig

~~~Writer’s Digest

Reviews and Mentions:

~~~ “This is what Terry Helwig has done with SHIFTING SHORELINES. She has given the world back a piece of its lost heart.” (More)

Sue Monk Kidd, New York Times Best-selling Author

~~~ “I picked up Helwig’s book and I couldn’t put it down. It is EXQUISITE.” (More)

Sheryl Nelsen Hutton, The Self-Help Whisperer

~~~ “Looking for some serenity? Read this book!” (More)

Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times Best-selling Author

~~~ “I can guarantee you will enjoy it.” (More)

Rebecca Olkowski, Founder of

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