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shifting shorelines

Messages from a Wiser Self

Finding Solace and Connection in Nature and Our Tribe— Guest Terry Helwig with host Seline Shenoy 

Preview of Shifting Shorelines

Discussing SHIFTING SHORELINES and Writing — Guest Terry Helwig with PRose’s Vikki Locke & Cyndee Woolley 

Terry Helwig Spills— Guest Terry Helwig with Kindred Spirits: An Enneagram  

Putting Loving-Kindness into Action

Guest Terry Helwig with host Zach Beach 

Perfect gift for Moms & Daughters!

The Book of SHIFTING SHORELINES and the Shifting Shorelines of Life

Guest Terry Helwig with Read Between the Lines host Molly Southgate 


Oasis Audio has recorded an unabridged audio version of Terry Helwig’s memoir Moonlight on Linoleum, narrated by Ann Richardson. Ann can be heard reading two short audio excerpts.

Listen to Ann Richardson’s “blooper” as she was caught off-guard while reading pages 102-103 in Terry Helwig’s memoir Moonlight on Linoleum.

Wayne Shepherd interviews Terry Helwig, author of "Moonlight on Linoleum: A Daughter's Memoir". This interview was recorded for the audiobook edition from Oasis Audio

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