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The Gift of Sharing Your Story

Recently, I had a virtual, heart-to-heart conversation with my dear and long-time friend Sue Monk Kidd. When I learned almost 900 people had signed up, I wondered if our personal dialogue on friendship, my book, nature, aging, and the mother/daughter relationship would be meaningful to others?

I was quite taken aback to learn, afterward, just how relevant our conversation seemed to be. Yes, Sue and I talked about the particulars of our friendship but beneath the particulars dwells this universal longing, relevant to all of us, for connection, belonging, and communion.

In that vein, I decided to share a thimbleful of the heartening comments we received from Africa, Australia, Canada, England, and dozens of states in the USA. These responses affirm the value and importance of women sharing their stories with one another.

My thanks to all who participated and to Carolyn Rivers and The Sophia Institute for hosting our conversation and forwarding on these chats that were transpiring as Sue and I spoke:

Thanks so much for this honest girl talk…so much wisdom within! (Betsy)

You won’t know how much your words mean today… to live life. (Shawn)

Great uplifting for the spirit! (Mary Kaye)

Thanks for this intimate sharing. (Joan)

Today, literally, I was wondering about who could be my role models as I turn 49 soon. (Mariana)

Younger, greener self. Love that. (Debbie)

Deeply meaningful. Moving. (Rose)

I adopted my daughter Mariah as a single mom when I was 41. She is my most cherished gift…I am so grateful, as my mother died when I was 12, so this mother/daughter relationship is so amazingly special. (Laurie)

Wow, girls weekend sounds divine. (Shawn)

Love, love, love the parachute story!!! (Lynn)

I love hearing how the landscape is a character in your book, and like a BFF to you.

This book and the experiences and lessons you shared have nourished my soul. (Tzivia)

What a Fabulous conversation. (Joy)

Wonderful to be a "fly on the wall" between 2 women friends. (M)

What a balm to my soul! (Peggy)

Water to my spirit! (Connie)

Thanks so much for this intimate look into the lives of women. (Linda)

There is hope for me along the road less traveled. (Barbara)

I feel blessed to take part in this sacred conversation! (Teri)

My heart needed this today. (Amy)

As a woman in my 30s with young children, it is such a blessing to hear from all your wisdom. I feel cared for and spoken to. (Becky)

Thank you so much for the beautiful and soul energizing conversation! (Jeannie)

My heart feels so full hearing this conversation and seeing so many smiling faces. (Laura)

Thank you for the richness of your friendship and sharing your love, beauty and depth with us! (Coletta)

Thank you for…sharing your soulful sisterhood with us. (Justina)

I feel a bond with these women who joined us. Their comments underline the impact of opening our hearts and honestly sharing our experiences with one another. It’s imperative for women to find a place of sharing and caring—a place of belonging that waters the soul.




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